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As a Stay in Grey Member you are stretching your advertising reach substantially by being......

  • connected to Grey Highlands' tourism community

  • linked to the Social Media scene

  • tapped into new tourism programs, packages and initiatives researched, created and developed by Stay in Grey

  • just a mouse click away from your target market who want to know more about the experience of staying and playing in Grey Highlands and the surrounding area, which includes your establishment

AND, when you become a Stay in Grey Member, you are.....

  • telling Council that tourism is important to your business!

  • supporting our efforts in making tourism a priority to Municipal Council

  • supporting our role in attracting tourism dollars to Grey Highlands

  • supporting your business community - helping you help your neighbours

  • supporting our efforts in assessing our area assets, packaging our tourism products and marketing them in the interest of economic development

  • strengthening our relationship with Grey Highlands Chamber of Commerce, Grey County Tourism and RT07 to leverage their support and access tourism funding opportunities

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