Current Environment Issues That Our World Is Facing

The world environment is going a lot of extreme conditions day by day as we utilize our natural resources indiscriminately and don’t manage our waste. Our entire environmental condition deteriorates in everyday life but we nevertheless not concern ourselves for rescuing us from various kinds of natural calamities and extinction of various kinds of creatures spaces groups, it’s correct that only human are responsible for polluting environment, but when we’ve got just a little bit concern than it’ll make us optimistic thinker to conserve our environment.

Population explosion:

The first and foremost emerging problem in the world is population explosion which directly affects our environment and each very important element of our environments like water Tree, atmosphere, and a number of other things. It causes poverty inflation of cash, a high-cost rate of daily commodities, and generates thousands of issues that are too tough to solve. On the other hand for being increased population growth we ruin our precious natural resources and create a devastating effect on ourselves.

Increase of CFC’s in the atmosphere:

For the lacking of Trees and woods area CFC’S are increasing day by day for this reasons worlds temperature are rising which directly affects melt polar ice caps and rise of sea levels that induce getting our firm land to the water which directly impacts a negative impact on the environment.

It’s a fact that by conducting or establishing an atomic project which causes enormous carbon dioxide gas in our environment although it’s a beneficiary side to make an enormous amount of energy, it’s hundreds of damaging sides yet people of this wealthy country run these jobs rather halt the project, because of this, we can easily observe the intensiveness of natural calamities at present year comparing the last year.

Waste in everywhere:

Today it’s a standard matter through our everyday waste everywhere these waste melt and pollute our environment gently and distribute jams for all these reasons our regional men and women get sick easily. Open waste pollutes our environment in addition to our environment but everybody knows about the terrible effect of this waste but doesn’t take immediate action to conserve their living area.

At the moment, the true situation is so dangerous that we barely think because not just our land area but also our enormous sea-level area are polluted extremely, for this reasons our seawater get contaminated and create an enormous number of toxic compounds and that compound collapse a harmful impact in our sea-dwelling species. Industrial waste mismanagement is the key responsible for this enormous area of pollution. If we can handle our industrial waste than we can save our sea-level place as well our environment as we know the sea is your huge supply of human food so that it’s an essential duty to save our view as far as possible.

Immense industrial growth:

As people are climbing rapidly and for that people today need the workplace and for these reasons, immense businesses grow everywhere instead of thinking to save the environment. Though the industry has an important rule to quickly grow our market but excessive industry setup runs a negative effect on our environment. Good management of industrial expansion can bring us a much better outcome in our economy and our environment.

Every government should enforce law in order that industrial waste can’t get blended in our river, cannel, and see water since water is a valuable element in our environment, on the other hand, the compound produce industry should not let close to the riverside space to conserve our environment.

It’s a fact that emitting smoke in the sector also causes air pollution and for this we should take appropriate steps so that our atmosphere can’t get too polluted by industrial fume.

Virus attack on the human body:

Now the invention of this new virus is a frequent happening in our world if we detect several viruses that take human life such as Ebola virus and Jika virus, initially that virus generates in character and than predominate in the human body. Researcher says that these kinds of viruses may grow for increasing carbon dioxide in our environment as we too increase carbon dioxide in our environment by burning our valuable forest.

The virus affects the body not only increases carbon dioxide but also the use of toxic chemicals in our food growing area. Lately, Ebola virus took thousands of lives in the Africa region which broke an epidemic form.

Destroy forest:

Destruction of the forest is the most important reason for developing environmental problem, it’s the origin of the growth of carbon dioxide in our environment and that raised level carbon dioxide produce several kinds of natural disaster in each year. At the moment, the amount of disasters are slowly increasing in a year and makes irrecoverable loss which destroys tens of thousands of lives and produces an economic loss of the affected nation.

For saving ourselves we should conserve our environment so we could save our future generation if planet temperature is growing like the current situation than our land area must go underwater so we should aware immediately before the situation goes out of control.